Heartworm Medication Policy (2/2018)

At CVPC, we require a heartworm test every 2 years through our clinic in order to
prescribe heartworm preventions … as long as your dog is consistently taking
prevention every month. If your dog is missing doses during the year, we must test for
heartworm disease every year. We will gladly honor heartworm tests performed by
other veterinary clinics for 1 year from the date of the test, but we must see patient
records or invoices (printed or on cell phone) confirming the date of testing. Likewise,
we need to see invoices of purchase of heartworm prevention from other vet

Prescription Medications (2/2018)

In order to purchase prescription flea or flea & tick medications (such as Bravecto,
Comfortis and Simparica), CVPC requires a check-in visit at no charge every 12
months. This allows us to confirm that your pet is healthy, and gives us an opportunity
to confirm the weight of your pet to insure it is getting the correct dose of medication.
Refills of the allergy medication Apoquel require an annual consultation with the doctor
at our current consult/exam fee schedule.

Primary Vaccination Series Schedule (2/2018)

The Primary Vaccine Series (Canine Distemper-Parvo Combo Vaccine) must be
boostered every 3-4 weeks until a minimum 16 weeks of age. If a follow up booster is
late by more than 5 weeks, you will need to repeat the prior vaccine. This is the
standard protocol established by the American Animal Hospital Association in order to
provide the optimum protection of your puppy.

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