HILL’S PRESCRIPTIONS DIET DERM COMPLETE: An Innovative New Diet for Dogs with Allergies

Now Available from CVPC

The Hill’s line of pet foods has recently released a new diet called DERM COMPLETE that may be a game-changer for dogs with both seasonal / environmental allergies as well as food allergies.

Seasonal and Environmental allergies result from house dust, molds, mildews, and pollens from weeds, grasses and trees.   We may see dogs that suffer only during a particular season of the year, or they may continuously chew, lick, bite, etc throughout the entire year. 

Food allergies result primarily from the main animal protein in a dog’s diet:  most commonly chicken or beef, but also from dairy or lamb or wheat, corn and soy.

Derm Complete replaces Hill’s Derm Defense diet and Hill’s i/d Sensitive diet by combining many of the core components of those 2 diets, while also introducing novel nutrients to help provide relief for dogs that suffer from biting, scratching, licking, itching and/or chewing.  It is a complete and balanced diet that can be fed for life, so if you have multiple dogs in the family, all dogs can eat Derm Complete … not just the one(s) with allergies.

The only animal protein in Derm Complete is Egg.  If your dog has a known allergy to Chicken, there should be no concerns at all about feeding your dog Derm Complete.   Egg protein and the protein in chicken muscle / meat are not the same, so a dog with a chicken allergy should not react to the egg.

One of the biggest issues with environmental allergies is the way the skin surface breaks down and becomes more porous, allowing pollens and dusts to enter the body much more easily while also allowing the loss of water to rapidly increase.   These changes in the skin are what lead to the cascade of reactions inside the body that cause the unwanted biting, slurping, licking that plagues so many of our dogs.   By fortifying the skin barrier, we can see noticeable improvements in the condition of the hair coat and a reduction in itching, etc.

Formulated to support and improve the skin’s natural barrier against irritants such as pollens and dusts, Derm Complete is proving to be an extremely effective addition to the various medications (such as cortisone, Apoquel and Cytopoint) we sometimes need in order to control unwanted biting, chewing, etc.  The benefits for dogs with either seasonal or food allergies have been extremely encouraging.  Dog owners reported a reduction in itching in 82% of dogs with known environmental allergies. 

One very important consideration for dogs that have developed either struvite or calcium oxalate bladder stones, Derm Complete is formulated to reduce the risk of bladder stone formation.

Going forward, I definitely encourage dog parents to consider the use of Derm Complete as an effective and proven means of helping manage your pet’s allergies.

You can order all Hill’s products ~ including Derm Complete ~ from our website.  AND you can have Derm Complete shipped directly to your home !  Go to:  www.CarolinaValuePetCare,com.                     Just below ONLINE STORE in the upper right-hand corner, find “Food Delivery”.  Click on “Food Delivery” and in the drop-down box, click “Hill’s to Home”.   You’ll need to open an account first, then order as you wish.

If you try Derm Complete, I would appreciate your providing feedback (good or bad) to our team at info@cvpet.com.  Your responses can help others make decisions that can improve the quality of their pets’ lives.                                                                 

– Dr Bob Parrish  /  Carolina Value Pet Care