Client Testimonial: Our First Customer

Six years ago a tornado hit our house in the middle of the night, with my husband and myself sleeping on the second floor. Though it destroyed our house we were unhurt. We had to move into an apartment for the next 6 months, with our 4 house cats, until our house could be rebuilt. While living in the apartment, I was awakened one morning by 6 kittens screaming in distress from the parking lot below my window. After hurriedly getting dressed, I ran outside to find the kittens in the drain tunnel under the metal grate, being soaked by water running off the parking lot. The maintenance men had turned on the lawn sprinklers and momma cat had moved her kittens into the drain below the parking lot level. I flagged down the maintenance men to lift the heavy grate and though they were too chicken to climb down into the pipe themselves, I jumped right in. I brought up all the kittens and placed them into a laundry basket. Their eyes were not opened yet so they were tiny. I trapped their momma later that afternoon in my Hav-a-hart trap and took all of them to our horse barn which was not damaged in the tornado. Their first few weeks were spent confined in a large wire kennel while feral momma cat, “Carlotta” got used to being around people, being loved and touched and fed all day. When it was time for vaccines I knew with the costs involved I needed to find someplace affordable. When I saw an ad for the Carolina Value Pet Care mobile clinic, which was coming to Harrisburg a few miles away, I knew I had a chance to get everything done at one time. Dr. Bob and his staff were just what I needed, and have been my choice ever since. Thanks for being there for all our 18 rescued kitties.

-Melanie Coley