Salisbury’s New Location and Thank You Scott and Pam!

Good day, Pet Lovers,

For the many pet parents and pets that we routinely see in Salisbury twice a month, we have a Big Announcement.  And an even bigger Thank You.

First, the Big Announcement:  We are moving to a new location in Salisbury, effective for our next clinic on Sunday, October 18th.  Our new home will be the American Legion Post facility at 1024 Lincolnton Rd, just off Jake Alexander Blvd, very near Burger King and Harris Teeter and Dunkin Donuts. 

And for our Bigger Thank You:  On behalf of the Carolina Value Pet Care Team, I wish to express our deepest, heartfelt thanks to Scott and Pam at Main Stream Pets for their kindness and generosity over the past 6 years.  When we were desperately looking for a new location in Rowan County after being suddenly and unexpectedly removed from Tractor Supply several years ago, they stepped up and came to our rescue by offering their store for us to set up.  That began an on-going relationship as Scott and Pam worked tirelessly to promote our monthly visits while growing their own business of pet grooming and pet supplies. 

We reached a point where the clinics were so busy that we realized that, if possible, it would be best to hold 2 clinics a month at their store.  When we approached Scott and Pam, they didn’t flinch at all as they readily agreed to allow us to set up every 2 weeks.

But as with so many things that have altered our everyday experiences these past few months, COVID-19 changed the way we could conduct our clinics.  For the welfare of everyone, it was necessary to limit the number of customers inside the store.  And because of that, we needed to set up facilities outside in the parking lot.  Scott allowed us to take up several parking spaces so we could accommodate everyone.

But with concerns of winter weather coming soon, we wanted to provide an exclusively indoor arrangement for the welfare of our team members and our customers.  And we’re fortunate to find the space we were looking for at the American Legion.  We will continue to hold clinics there every other Sunday (twice a month).  And you’ll find that the Legion has a huge parking lot which will easily hold everyone.

We will all truly miss our relationship with Scott and Pam and their crew.  We strongly encourage you to continue patronizing Main Stream Pets for grooming and for your pet foods and supplies.  Now, more than ever, it is crucial to support small businesses since they are your next-door-neighbors, as well as essential creators and contributors to a healthy and prosperous community.   Thank you, Scott and Pam … and we wish you the very best!

As for our CVPC customers, we look forward to seeing you at the American Legion soon!

All the best,

Dr Bob Parrish