Puppies and Kittens – CVPC Vaccine Schedule

Puppies and Kittens – CVPC Vaccine Schedule

By Dr. Bob Parrish on Jul 31, 2018

Our team is often asked, “When is the time to start puppy shots and kitten shots?” The CVPC policy follows the recommendation by our vaccine manufacturer as well as AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association).  

Let’s start with our canine companions.  
– We can begin to vaccinate puppies as young as 6 weeks old with a DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvo and parainfluenza).  This vaccine must be re-administered every 3-4 weeks until a minimum of 16 weeks.
Rabies vaccine can be administered to dogs and cats as young as 12 weeks and North Carolina requires all pets receive a rabies vaccine by 16 weeks of age.
– The lifestyle vaccine Bordetella (kennel cough), can be given as young as 7 weeks of age and one dose of the oral form is sufficient for protection for 1 year.  If it is necessary to give the injectable form of Bordetella, a booster will need to be given 3-5 weeks after the initial vaccine. This vaccine should be given to dogs that will be visiting the groomer, boarding facility, dog parks, and pet stores. Many vet hospitals and spay-neuter clinics will require this vaccine prior to surgery.

These 3 vaccines are the basic vaccines that most pet owners get for their canine friends. We also recommend the Canine Flu* Vaccine (H3N2 + H3N8 strains) for “social dogs”. As with the Bordetella vaccine, we encourage protection against the Canine Flu for dogs that go to boarding facilities, grooming parlors, doggy day care, dog parks, and pet stores.

*If you are interested in the Canine Flu vaccine, please visit the blog post discussing the advantages of this beneficial preventative.

Our feline friends have 2 possible vaccines in addition to the state required Rabies vaccine.
– Feline Distemper vaccine
– Feline Leukemia vaccine
These 2 vaccines should be given 3-4 weeks apart.  

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