Revolution Canine/Feline 0-5 lbs – (Prescription only)

Revolution Canine/Feline 0-5 lbs – (Prescription only)


Use this for treating fleas; flea eggs; heartworm prevention.

  • Minimum Age: 6 Weeks



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This is a once a month topical application for puppies and kittens weighing up to 5lbs.  Revolution will prevent heartworm and fleas in puppies and kittens 6 weeks and older.


(This product is sold by Prescription Only.  To be able to sell prescription medication, we must see or have seen your pet within the last 12 months at one of our clinic events. You also have the option to mail a prescription to CVPC, PO Box 1923, Concord, NC 28026 )Please leave us a note with your order if you will be mailing a paper prescription.)


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