PYOspot -by Dermoscent

PYOspot -by Dermoscent


  • Once a week Topical
  • Helps to restore the skin barrier and soothe
  • Helps to purify skin
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Antimicrobial complex PhytoC-2®
  • Essential Oils including lavender and lemon
  • Plant extracts including neem, ajowan, hemp

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Apply one a week for as long as necessary to help purify and balance your dog’s skin.

Do NOT bathe your dog 2 days prior to applying the liquid or in the 2 days following application.  At a minimum, I recommend a trial of 2 months to see how it can help your pet.

The efficacy of PYOspot® has been proven in a clinical study was carried out under veterinary supervision: In 88% of the cases, the frequency of relapse has decreased
In 88% of the cases, the quantity of medicines that was used has decreased


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