Knockout Area treatment – Home Treatment for Fleas

Knockout Area treatment – Home Treatment for Fleas


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  • This stuff is the BOMB! And it’s NOT a bomb at all! You spray directly to areas to be treated. This area spray kills fleas and ticks and breaks their life-cycle.
  • Pyriproxyfen (NYLAR ~ Insect Growth Regulator) inhibits flea growth and kills them before they reach the adult biting stage
  • One canister will treat a 2100 square foot home
  • While Knockout Area Treatment is labeled for Fleas and Ticks, if you are also trying to treat a TICK problem, we recommend Knockout E.S. Area Treatment instead since it contains Permethrins which are a powerful tick insecticide
  • If your pets NEVER go to a particular part of your house, you do not need to treat those areas since fleas want to be near to where the pets are so they can hop on for a blood meal.
  • If you’ve read our handout on Fleas and Ticks, then you already know why we do not recommend bombs / foggers. If you haven’t read it, then check under “ASK DR BOB” for “FLEAS AND TICKS” and you’ll see why I rarely recommend a fogger or bomb … AND you’ll learn the best way to take advantage of vacuuming as a part of flea control.
  • Follow directions for proper use ! Keep your pets away from treated areas for at least 2 hours

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