Keto -C Wipes- 50 wipes

Keto -C Wipes- 50 wipes


  • Ketoconazole (for yeast infection) + Chorhexidine (for bacterial infection)
  • This is an extremely valuable Ketoconazole + Chlorhexidine product for those dogs that have yeast infections on the skin / between the toes.
  •  For maximum benefit, be sure to rub it fairly vigorously into the skin … not just a gentle wipe.
  •  Recommend using the wipes twice a day for the first 7-1o days, then DAILY  as needed.

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  • These wipes are the perfect choice for dogs with bacterial and/or yeast infections on the skin when you don’t have time to bathe … or if you have a dog that won’t cooperate with bathing.