Heartworm disease is a serious, even potentially deadly condition caused by parasitic worms living in the arteries of the lungs and in the right side of the heart of dogs (and several other mammals, including cats) that is spread only by mosquitoes. Fortunately, heartworm disease can easily be prevented by medications available through veterinarians.


Which is the best one for You and your Dog?

All of our heartworm preventions are basically equally effective at preventing heartworm disease, so what is the most important feature of Heartworm Prevention for you? ORDER NOW

  1. Chewable Tablet – “I don’t like the liquids applied to the skin. They can seem to be messy and I am worried about the kids / grandkids touching the area(s) where we apply the liquid”
    • – Sentinel
    • – Sentinel Spectrum
    • – Trifexis
    • – TriHeart Plus
    • – Heartgard Plus
  2. Liquid Applied to the Skin – “My dog won’t take the chewable medications, no matter what I mix it with or how much I break up the tablet. A liquid applied to the skin would be much easier.”
    • – Advantage Multi
    • – Revolution
  3. Cost – It’s a fact of life for many pet owners that price matters. We love our dogs dearly, but many of us have to watch very carefully where our money goes.
    • – TriHeart Plus = Most economical
    • – Sentinel
    • – Sentinel Spectrum
    • – Heartgard Plus
  4. Flea Control – “I want just one product that prevents heartworms AND kills fleas”
    • Trifexis = BEST vs. Fleas ! (About 1 in 10 dogs do not tolerate it very well and may get sick on their stomach. Of course that means that 9 out of 10 dogs have no problems with it whatsoever.)
    • Advantage Multi
    • Revolution
  5. Intestinal Worms – “Our dogs constantly have intestinal worms since
    1. we constantly battle fleas (source of tapeworms)
    2. they catch and eat small mammals like mice and moles and rabbits (another source of tapeworms)
    3. they love to ‘graze’ in the backyard and eat lots of grass (source of whipworms, hookworms and roundworms)”
    • – Sentinel Spectrum = BEST! Treats and Prevents all 4 intestinal worms we see, including Tapeworms (the most common worm we see in adult dogs)
    • – Sentinel – Treats and Prevents Whips, Hooks and Roundworms but not Tapeworms
    • – Trifexis – Treats and Prevents Whips, Hooks and Roundworms but not Tapeworms
    • – Advantage Multi – Treats and Prevents Whips, Hooks and Rounds but not Tapeworms
    • – TriHeart Plus and Heartgard Plus- Treats and Prevents Hooks and Rounds but not Tapeworms or Whipworms
    • – Revolution – None
  6. Prevent Heartworms + Kill Fleas + Kill Ticks
    • – Revolution is the closest thing available. However, if you have a persistent flea problem, I personally have not found Revolution to be the best choice. I think Revolution is OK if you only find an occasional flea on your dog. Furthermore, for ticks, however, Revolution is labeled to only kill American Dog Ticks. However, in this area of NC, we also see Brown Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks and Black-Legged Ticks, so we cannot be assured of complete tick protection with Revolution.
    • – Keep in mind that we can combine different products to achieve the best result:

    Here are possibilities:

    • * Activyl Tick Plus (1 month Flea + Tick liquid on skin) + TriHeart / Sentinel / Spectrum / Advantage
    • * Bravecto (3 month Flea + Tick chewable tablet) + TriHeart / Sentinel / Spectrum / Advantage
    • * Seresto Flea & Tick Collar (Max effectiveness takes 2 to 3 weeks) + Trifexis / TriHeart / Sentinel / Spectrum / Advantage Multi
  7. Food Allergy – “My dog has a known food allergy to Beef” (this assumes that you are not just ‘guessing’ that your dog is allergic to beef)
    • – Do Not Use Sentinel Spectrum – It uses Beef to flavor the tablet. The other chewable preventions use pork and soy with a non-beef “beef flavoring”.


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