Letter from Dr. Bob

To Our Valued Customers of Carolina Value Pet Care,

With the energy-draining impact of the Carolina summer heat fully upon us, I kindly request having a bit more patience than usual with my team and me as we continue to provide the very best service possible to each of you at our events.

At certain locations (namely Concord, Lexington, Midland and Mint Hill), we are all working with limited to no air conditioning.  The conditions can take a toll on all of us, but especially for my team as we work non-stop for many hours with few to no breaks and no escape from the heat (yes, I know, I know … I’m a heartless boss!).

Let me take this moment to publicly applaud the amazing efforts of our team for the work they do week after week.  They put in so much effort at our clinics (as well as behind the scenes during the week) to help create the best experience possible for each of you and your beloved pets.  Their commitment and dedication and willingness to help others and support our mission is unsurpassed in the veterinary field.  Thank you, CVPC Team !

And a quick note to all who come to our clinics on weekends.  I know that many folks want to arrive first, be seen, and get on with their day.  However, I encourage you to take your time to arrive.  Everyone will be seen.  And please … we expect that those early arrivers be courteous and civil with one another as you determine the order of arrival.  As you likely witness, our team is too busy setting up or communicating with one another in preparation of the clinic ~ they don’t have time to manage the order of arrival.  In the grand scheme of things, it makes precious little difference time-wise if you’re #2 or #8, for example.   Quite often, the later you arrive, the less the waiting time.  Just know that we always do the best that we can to see each pet parent in the most timely fashion possible.

Thank you all for supporting our efforts, and we look forward to seeing you soon !
All the best,
Dr Bob Parrish & the CVPC Team