Introducing TeleTails

If you missed our recent message, at Carolina Value Pet Care, we are implementing a form of telemedicine through the smartphone app TeleTails, giving you the opportunity to communicate directly with Dr. Bob during the week for live consults for seasonal / environmental / food allergies, consults for Apoquel refills, and even refills for prescription flea and tick medications for pets that we haven’t seen in more than 1 year.

HOW IT WORKS:  Step-By-Step

  • Download the TeleTails app onto your smartphone.
  • Connect with our clinic using the code: cvpc
  • Click the “Request Consultation” button to message Dr. Bob
  • Provide the following:

* Type your question …

* Add photos or video regarding the issue and send it to Dr. Bob …

* Provide your preferred day of week + time/hour of the day when you are available for the live consult …

* Provide your email address so, if necessary, we can send you some handouts with extensive information

on allergies and food issues and (if needed) flea information

  • Bob will respond and set the appointment time.


  • This platform is only available for pets we have seen at our events!
  • Prior to Allergy consults, please provide photos of affected areas by attaching the photo/video to the message within the app. (typical areas: above the tail, below the tail, belly, armpits, bottoms of the feet, face … wherever you see affected areas of the skin).
  • Ear infections: If this involves an infection involving the ear canal, we must see the pet at one of our clinics since we need to perform an examination within the ear.
  • This is not for emergencies!


  • For general Seasonal Allergy and Food Allergy Consults, the range is $25 to $50, depending on the amount of time and details involved.
  • For Follow-Up Seasonal Allergy and Food Allergy consults (following a clinic visit within the previous 2 months), the fee $25-$35
  • For annual Apoquel refill consults, the fee is $35 (the same fee as we charge when we see your dog at the clinics ~ but this will save you time and less stress for your pet
  • For DOGS: Refills on Bravecto and Simparica (prescription flea and tick medications) for DOGS we have not seen in more than 1 year, the fee is $15 ~ this can be a real time-saver for you, with less stress for your dog
  • For CATS: Refills on Bravecto and Revolution Plus (prescription flea medications) for CATS we have not seen in more than 1 year, the fee is $15 ~ this can be a real time-saver for you, with less stress for your cat

We look forward to offering this new service to better streamline our visits.  And it can save you the time it takes to load up the 4-legged ‘kids’ and drive to one of our events.

As always, we are grateful for your support.

All the best,

Dr. Bob Parrish & the Carolina Value Pet Care Team