Introducing Educational Videos


Do you want the Good News … or the Awesome News ???

Since we began seeing pets for ear problems and skin infections nearly 8 years ago, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of pets with allergy issues and skin problems.  That’s a lot of biting scratching licking itching chewing rubbing … and fleas … and skanky ears!

So many of you waited VERY patiently to be seen.   I always wanted to give every pet parent the most info I could so they could understand 1) what is the problem, 2) why the problem exists, and 3) what we can do to help.  The upside of that has been that you learned a ton of information so you can better manage your pet’s allergy issues.  The downside has been that I spent a LOT of time with each individual, and that meant a lot of waiting for so many of you.  And for that, I apologize but thank you for your patience.

Now the Good News …

Thanks to my CVPC Team, we have created several videos on a wide range of topics, chief among them information on Food Allergies … Seasonal / Environmental Allergies … and Alternative Therapies.

And the Awesome News ???

These videos are essentially of me going through the different Allergy handouts and informing you of the key points and important ‘take-aways’ that I have long shared with everyone.  However, now you can watch them at your leisure, and go back and re-watch to review as you need to.  Each video is 8 to 10 min long.

You can find the videos here. And don’t forget to subscribe (it is free)!

We have more videos in the works.  And we are open to ideas of video content you might find to be valuable for pet care.  I hope you find the information useful.  We believe that any time spent learning new ideas to improve the quality of your pets’ lives is time very well spent.

All the best,

Dr. Bob Parrish & The CVPC Team