Heartworm Prevention is a Year-Round MUST!

Heartworm Prevention is a Year-Round MUST!

By Dr. Bob Parrish on Oct 01, 2018

Hello there Pet Lovers!

Yeah! Autumn is almost here! Cooler days are sure to come soon, with less humidity, chillier nights, brilliant fall colors. Gotta love it !

While most of us welcome Autumn, believe it or not, this is peak season for fleas in this region. Thankfully, the majority of our customers are actively maintaining flea control for their dogs and cats.  Great work, gang !

But today, I want to talk about heartworms and heartworm prevention. And here’s my message:

For those of you not aware, the ONLY way pets can get heartworm disease is from mosquitoes and, sadly, heartworms can be a fatal disease. Fortunately, it can be treated, but it’s far better (and more cost-effective) to prevent it in the first place… plus, nearly all our heartworm preventions will also prevent certain intestinal worms as well.  

While fleas become dormant in the winter months in North Carolina, mosquitoes are more persistent. Furthermore, mosquitoes are a continual, year-round threat in our region. Of course we won’t have nearly as many mosquitoes in January as we do in July, but they are still out there. The ‘magic’ temperature for mosquitoes to emerge is ~50-52 degrees. One of the many joys of living in NC is that we always have comfortable, sunny days in January and February with temps routinely hitting the 50’s and higher.

So why is this important ?
Heartworm prevention.
We often see a number of pet owners who take their dogs off heartworm prevention during the winter months and that is a big mistake.

Some pet owners who have lived up north have been in the habit of taking their pets off heartworm prevention and that may make sense when you rarely have days above freezing for weeks at a time. But here in North Carolina, mosquitoes are a year-round threat, so it’s imperative to keep your pets on heartworm prevention all year.

So, let me say it one more time:


Stop by our clinic to learn more and to find out what prevention would be ideal for your pet.

Thank you all for your support and patronage!

Dr Bob 

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