CVPC is Seeking a New Location in Mint Hill

CVPC is Seeking a New Location in Mint Hill

By Dr. Bob Parrish on Oct 08, 2018

Dear CVPC Friends and Pet Lovers,

Carolina Value Pet Care needs your help.
We have been holding our mobile vaccine clinics in Mint Hill at Monroe Hardware for the past 4+ years. Unfortunately, the company is going a different direction and has decided to remove us, meaning that our October 2018 was our final visit at Monroe Hardware in Mint Hill.

As we had no input in the decision, needless to say, we are very disappointed that we will not be able to provide our services at this location anymore. Still, we are very grateful for the opportunity that the good folks at Monroe Hardware have given us.

So… We need your help.
If you help us find a suitable location, that results in a PERMANENT location in any of the following areas: Mint Hill, Matthews, Indian Trail, or any place SE of Charlotte, then we will gladly offer a $250 credit towards future CVPC services and products! Note: The facility must be able to accommodate us for either a Saturday or a Sunday, once a month.

While we are actively looking for a location that can accommodate us, we have a few criteria that we need in order to provide the best service possible to pet owners and their pets:

  1. Adequate parking

  2. Adequate space inside a facility to hold the event (approx. 2000 sqft or more is preferred)

  3. Heating and A/C for the comfort of everyone year-round

  4. Relatively easy to find / relatively centrally located (not out in a rural area)

  5. Easy access into the facility

We currently set up in a varying range of facilities, so we are pretty adaptable to nearly every situation. Hard flooring is preferred rather than carpet due to dog messes that can and will occur.

The type of places that we find most suitable include:

  1. Church activity center (where there are no regular food services)

  2. Any available space in a shopping center or strip mall

  3. American Legion-type hall

  4. Pet-friendly Retail Store with adequate space (even setting up in the warehouse area of a retail store like we do in Mint Hill and Mooresville is fine).

If you know of any place… or if you know of anyone who knows of any place… please contact us!

Phone (text or voice message):
Laura – 980.255.9495
Jennifer – 704.794.5551

We appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you can provide, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

All our best,

Dr. Bob Parrish & the Carolina Value Pet Care Team

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