ProHeart 6 Month & 12 Month INJECTABLE Heartworm Prevention for Your Convenience

Keeping your pets on heartworm prevention year-round is crucial in our region.  Heartworm disease is a potentially life-threatening disease that is spread to pets only by mosquitoes.  The good news is that we have a variety of different heartworm preventions to choose from.  For years, we’ve had several once-a-month chewable tablets as well as a … Read moreProHeart 6 Month & 12 Month INJECTABLE Heartworm Prevention for Your Convenience


Many pet parents acquire a particular breed or type of dog to match their active lifestyle.  Taking a beloved companion hiking or canoeing or camping with the family or friends can add tremendously to an adventurous getaway (that is, unless your dog gets “skunked”, then the fun and games are definitely over !). However, there … Read moreVACCINES AND HEARTWORM TESTING FOR “ADVENTURE” DOGS

Leptospirosis FAQ

Leptospirosis: A Danger to Pets & People There are very few diseases you can get directly from your pet, but one of them is especially easy to contract: Leptospirosis, a highly contagious illness spread through the urine of infected wildlife.  Dogs don’t even need to make contact with wildlife to get the disease. Drinking water … Read moreLeptospirosis FAQ


Have you tried brushing your pet’s teeth, only to be frustrated when it turns into a wrestling match?  Does your pet’s breath make you gag whenever you cuddle up near them?  Believe me, I know how you feel.  Fortunately, there is some help  ~ And your pet will probably love it! A daily treat that … Read moreVEGGIE-DENTS

Introducing MOVOFLEX Soft Chews

The veterinary market is flooded with Glucosamine supplements for dogs with arthritis and joint pain.  In fact, at Carolina Value Pet Care, we have been offering a chewable Glucosamine Joint Supplement for the past few years. However, we’re excited about a new product that we are now offering to our customers called MOVOFLEX.  With a chicken liver flavor that … Read moreIntroducing MOVOFLEX Soft Chews