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Cortisone for Skin Allergies

At CVPC we use Kenalog (Triamcinolone) for dogs and Depo-Medrol for cats to help combat skin allergies. In general, cats are more tolerant of cortisone than dogs are, so that is why we typically use the longer-acting Depo-Medrol for cats. I get occasional questions about the use of cortisone/corticosteroids in pets. I think it’s unfortunate…

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Bathing Your Pets: Truth vs. Fiction

There is so much misinformation about bathing pets… Want the truth? Here it is: What matters most is what type of shampoo you’re using. What matters most is what type of shampoo you’re using. With the majority of pet shampoos, you can bathe your pets as often as you wish. Let me say that again!…

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CVPC Offers Skin Care Products

We now carry SKIN CARE PRODUCTS that we personally use and love (for our pets… not on ourselves)… at prices that YOU will love. KETO-C Shampoo 16oz – $23 – I recommend this Ketoconazole + Chlorhexidine shampoo for dogs that suffer from skin allergies resulting in YEAST and/or BACTERIAL INFECTIONS on the skin. When the…

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Great for Itchy Pets!

Every veterinary dermatologist (skin specialist) enthusiastically agrees that every itchy pet should be on Omega-3 Fatty Acids (FA)! And for dogs and cats, that means marine/fish oils. Omega-3 FA have a number of health benefits throughout the body (joints, kidneys, skin, eyes, nervous system), but for our purposes, we will just talk about the skin…

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Dogs and Those Pesky Ear Infections

It is very common for a dog to suffer from an ear infection. It can be a painful and irritating situation! You will observe them scratching their ears and shaking their head and you may even notice an abnormal smell. Most of the time, these infections are caused by bacteria and yeast. Luckily, Carolina Value…

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