April COVID-19 Update

Good day, Pet Lovers

April 17, 2020

I imagine that most of you are becoming pretty restless with the COVID. -19 containment policies still in place statewide, nationally and globally.  We are, too.  Still, we understand that these short-term restrictions will almost certainly lead to long-term disease prevention for the vast majority of us.  And at least we can be thankful that the weather has been spectacular for getting outdoors, especially for those of you who have dogs that enjoy going for walks.  Maybe it’s just at my house, but I suspect many dogs and cats are waiting for us to resume our normal routine, so they can go back to taking their naps on their favorite chair or sofa…without interruption.

Most importantly, we trust everyone is healthy and doing well.

Here at Carolina Value Pet Care, we have still been holding several of our clinics, and we are exceedingly grateful for any opportunity to continue helping pets and pet parents whenever and wherever possible. Know that week-to-week, we remain at the mercy of our host locations whether we can hold our events, or not.   A few of the businesses are allowing access to their customers only.  Some of the locations are limiting the number of customers that can enter their facilities, and we must respectfully follow their policies.  And other locations have given us the ‘green light’ to have our clinic, but we must remain outdoors.  Thankfully, Mother Nature has smiled on us this Spring and blessed us with sunny and warm days.

We have made many adjustments at each location to maintain social distancing.  While this may be a minor inconvenience, it has obviously become the new normal and a necessary precaution for everyone’s safety and health and comfort.

If you are needing services for your pets (vaccines, heartworms tests, allergy consults and exams for itchy pets or ear infections), I encourage you to check our calendar regularly for our ever-changing schedule at www.carolinavaluepetcare.com/clinic-schedule/, as we are in constant touch with our host locations to determine if we can set up…or not.  And often those decisions are made only 5 or 6 days before the scheduled clinic.  So be sure to check back often.

For those of you who are just needing products, please take advantage of our online store, also located on our website at www.carolinavaluepetcare.com/shop/.  The store is open 24/7, and our team members are checking it regularly for orders so that we can ship any product (flea medication, heartworm prevention, etc.) to you as quickly as possible.

And we are excited to inform you that we are preparing to launch a telemedicine / video consult service that will provide direct access to me certain times during the week.  Once we have everything in place, we will send you complete information with the details.

All we can do at this time is to be patient, knowing that ‘this too shall pass’.  And before long, we can look forward to resuming all of our weekend clinics and return to a normal work and LIFE schedule … but the belly-rubs must go on!

All the best,

Dr. Bob Parrish and the CVPC Team