Flea Control Products

TREATING YOUR YARD & HOME for FLEAS!   I discuss step-by-step how to treat your yard and home for fleas in my handout HERE.   This is the most crucial step to eliminate a flea problem on indoor pets.  Kill the fleas before they get on your pets whenever possible.

Two options for the Home:
*Both of these excellent indoor/home treatments will cover ~2000 sq ft. As explained in my handout, I always recommend a 2nd treatment 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment.

KnockOut E.S. Area Treatment 
(The E.S. = Extra Strength.  I recommend this one for Fleas + Ticks… and definitely when there is a heavy infestation.  However, you need to be more careful using it around cats.  Understand, yes, you can use it around cats .. but be more careful about keeping cats away from treated areas for a while)

KnockOut Area Treatment
(I recommend this one for Fleas only. Also, this one is safer around cats.)

Two options for the Yard: Of course, I mention in the handout (you did read it, didn’t you?) using either Talstar or Ortho Home Defense Max for the yard (available at any lawn & garden center).

For more details on Flea Control and our Flea products, please read our handouts detailing each Flea and Heartworm medication that we offer, what each one does, how often to use and the price.