For so many people, these are financially challenging times.  

And veterinary medicine has become too expensive for so many pet owners.

Even the most basic preventive care for dogs and cats is now beyond the reach of many people.

And it’s especially frustrating because pet owners genuinely care so much and want to do what’s best for their beloved pets … but they simply can no longer afford it.

We know of far too many instances of pet owners having to make the painful decision of giving up a precious pet because they could no longer afford feeding and care.  Treating and managing medical conditions such as diabetes can become very costly and time-consuming.  Medications for arthritis … thyroid conditions … seizures … kidney or liver disease … can all be cost-prohibitive for so many pet owners.  Having a pet’s teeth cleaned … surgery to remove a growth or repair a joint injury … even spaying and neutering can put a strain on one’s budget.   While we love our pets dearly, and we want to do all we can for them to insure a high quality of life, for many pet owners, pet care has become too expensive.

The owner and creator of Carolina Value Pet Care, Dr. Bob Parrish, recognized the need to provide, at the very least, affordable basic care of pets. Our mobile clinic offers vaccines, heartworm testing, and a wide variety of products at prices that most everyone can afford.  While we are limited in the services we offer, most of your pet’s basic health needs can be met and within financial reach of nearly everyone.